Health & Fitness Meets

We believe that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. The human body is an incredible thing and we dedicate our lives to helping people realise just what they can do with it.

So what are we about?

So often we meet amazing people who are looking to transform their lives… whether that be weight loss, muscle mass, mindset, energy levels or general health… and so often we hear about the diets, the detox’s, the long cardio sessions and ultimately – the lack of results.

At Elevate, we pride ourselves on moving past the “old school” gym mentality. We have a holistic approach that provides individual clients with the tools they need to reach their goals and the community they need to help them get there faster.

All Fitness Levels

Elevate’s programs cater to all fitness levels, whether you have never stepped in a gym before, or  you’re a gym junkie looking to be pushed to the next level. We nurture a supportive community with no judgement and plenty of encouragement.

Goal Oriented

We are regularly running complimentary goal setting sessions at Elevate because we recognise the importance of working towards a goal – And we love to help you get there.

SO – talk to a trainer today to find out how you can smash your goals!

We Don't Diet


If you want long lasting results, it takes time, and a quick fix diet isn’t going to get you there. At Elevate, we understand the importance of incorporating nutrition into your lifestyle – and once you know the formula, the rest is easy.

Throw away the calorie counters, and start enjoying healthy, delicious food – Because in the end… this is what will get you to your goals.

Elevate Crew

Owner and Head Trainer

Jenna has been in the fitness industry for almost a decade and is passionate about all areas of health and fitness – from nutrition, through to body composition and recovery.

Formerly trained with a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness; Jenna also has a certificate 4 in massage, giving her an expert knowledge of the human body and how it works. This allows her to tailor programs to the individual, taking into account their body structure, fitness level and overall health.

Jenna is always the most energetic person in the room. Her passion for the industry and love for her clients is enough to drive her day in day out. It’s a great day when she sees her clients achieve their goals.

An amazing leader, knowledge bank and friend to all who enter the gym.


Yoga Specialist

Kym started practicing yoga in 2007 for her own physical wellbeing … only to discover that the benefits went far beyond that. Her love for yoga grew and she was inspired to undertake Yogaworks teacher training and start sharing her passion with others.

Her appreciation for the versatility of yoga, whether that be energizing and uplifting, stretching and strengthening, or calming and grounding, means she is able to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of members from all different walks of life.

She is such an encouraging and inspirational member of the team – did we mention a calming influence! We are very lucky to have such a beautiful yoga teacher for our incredible members!


Strength and Cardio Expert

Dara is one of our amazing trainers and brings her own drive and enthusiasm to the Elevate crew. She has trained for 7 years in a wide variety of areas including group fitness, weights and obstacle courses. She even competed in a body building competition and placed 3rd at the Australian Championships – How amazing is that!

But it is Dara’s energy and fun-loving spirit that makes her such a valued team member at Elevate. She loves to share her love for training & help others discover exactly what their bodies can do. She is such a wonderful advocate for the Elevate team and completely embodies our community spirit!