You Don’t Need to Spend Hours Doing Cardio to Get Results!

ICE (Intensive Cardiovascular Exercise) is a short and fast workout specifically designed to optimise your fitness and fat loss. If you are chasing the body of your dreams, looking to smash your fitness goals or searching for a fun, friendly, challenging workout environment, then this 45 minute intensive is perfect!

So how does it work?

8 sessions per week

Choose as many or as few sessions as you like. Whether you are a morning person, or someone looking for that post work challenge, these classes will tie in seamlessly with your busy schedule.

Classes are designed for all fitness levels

All our classes cater for gym beginners all the way through to elite athletes. Our qualified trainers have developed programs that will push you to reach your potential regardless of your fitness level or experience.

Fun, safe, result-proving workouts

Yep, we used the F-Word… FUN. In the fitness world, motivation is such a big factor in success. At Elevate, we believe that being able to workout in a fun and safe environment is essential in maintaining consistency and achieving the goals you never thought possible.

Train as a group for encouragement, motivation & support

To get the results that you want, you need to be in the right environment and surrounded by the best people, both the trainers and the trained. At Elevate, we are not interested in building a list of members… we are building a community that supports, motivates and inspires one another.

SO… what are you waiting for? come down and experience the Elevate difference. Become a part of something bigger.