It’s Time to Regroup: The Benefits of Group Training

Why you should reap the benefits of group training

Whether it’s Boot Camp, Classes or simply having a workout buddy the rewards of training in a group are endless.

You have someone to be accountable to that can push you when you can’t push yourself and be there to make sure your attending sessions. You have people to share your journey with and people that you can laugh with, sweat with and feel the pain with!

Support is a really important factor when it comes to exercise; you need the support of those around you to help you succeed. Having that encouragement from the trainer as well as other group members will really help your confidence and help you to stay on track. Research also tells us that those involved in group training are more likely to stick with the program as opposed to other means of training.

Accountability aside everything becomes better when you can make it fun, working out with a group of people with similar interests and goals makes you feel more at ease, more excited and more motivated to come to sessions, as well as the opportunity to make some great friends along the way.

Another great plus is how quickly the time will pass when your in a group, sometimes in a one on one personal training session all you want to do is keep checking that clock to see if its over yet! But in a group the environment and your workout buddies make the time pass super quick and before you know if you’ve finished your work out and your ready to face the day.

Group Training can be the difference between you getting up in the morning and hitting the snooze button!

Having fun and getting fit, how can you say no?

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