I.C.E. Training

You Don’t Need to Spend Hours Doing Cardio to Get Results!

ICE (Intensive Cardiovascular Exercise) is a short and fast workout specifically designed to optimise your fitness and fat loss. If you are chasing the body of your dreams, looking to smash your fitness goals or searching for a fun, friendly, challenging workout environment, then this 45 minute intensive is perfect!

So what’s involved? (We’re so glad you asked…)

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F.I.R.E. Training

There is only one way to remove body fat without surgery!

You’re amazing! We’re not just saying that either!
Your body can do some pretty incredible things and changing shape is one of them.

FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) is a structured Weight Training program designed to help you gain lean muscle and improve your metabolism!

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MP Nutrition

Put away the calorie counter. The age of dieting is dead!

Society has been flooded with cheap “quick fix” solutions to solve your weight loss problems… We are definitely not short of a 6 week bikini body program or a 21-Day Detox Plan… We have even written one ourselves!

But if being in the fitness industry for nearly a decade has taught us anything, it’s that there is NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK FIX!!

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